Agarwood Car Perfume - Mercedes Maybach

Natural scents are so important for high end car diffuser.

A interior perfume especially designed for Mecedes the top of their range, Mercedes Maybach in Summer 2014 in Berlin. 

Its name Agarwood. Why? Agarwood speaks of the centuries-old tradition of perfume. Oud derived from the wood of the Agar tree has long been one of the most precious ingredients – more valuable even than gold – and lends this fragrance its inimitable presence. The luminous golden warmth of resin marries with a striking woodiness, richly contrasted with smokiness. With its refined and elegant character, agarwood makes a statement.

The Air-Balance Package works in intervals of five minutes, evenly filling the car with the aroma. Our nose can't smell the scent permanently; it needs some rest or contrast to sense it again. That is why diffuser works in intervals, and we smell the scent in natural waves without being overwhelmed. 

Important detail: the fragrance of your car does not stay on your clothes. It belongs to the car and will not interfere with your own personal fragrance.

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