About us

Agarwood, also known as Oud wood, is a very rare, aromatic resin that thickens on the bark of Aquila and Gyrinops trees and is appreciated around the world for it's characteristic scent. We focus on creating 100% natural and organic diffused products and partner with the biggest Argarwood companies in China/Asia, while establishing the only Argarwood research centre in China.


We are the only company in China having CITES, which is the Certificate of 'Export Permit for Endangered Wild Animals'. This means all the products we produce and you enjoy, are 100% authentic and legal.       

All of our diffuser products are fully tested and have passed all these accreditations below.

We have state of the art manufacturing facilities, as well as a very creative product design team who have won many product design awards globally. 

If you would like to know more about our products, private label products or corporate business opportunities, please get in touch. 

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